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Rubber Sieve Ball, Sieve Cleaning Rubber Ball

Product name:Rubber Sieve Ball, Sieve Cleaning Rubber Ball

Product Name: Rubber Sieve Ball, Sieve Cleaning Rubber Ball

Rubber sieve ball is used in rotary vibrating sieve and rectangular vibration screen. It will improve the sieving effect.

Rubber sieve ball", also called "sieve cleaning rubber ball", which is used in the cleaning sieves to clean the grains,wheat, beans, etc..

Our sieve cleaning rubber ball is made from natural rubber, so we call "rubber ball". The rubber balls are bouncing on the sieves to avoid the block up of the sieve pore, to improve the cleaning efficiency. Now silicon balls are also available for your choice.

Rubber sieve ball size as follow:

We can offer various rubber sieve ball, the diameter can be 6mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 28mm, 32mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 83mm and so on.

Main Parameter:

Natural rubber
Silicone rubber
Hardness (shore A)
Work temperature (℃)
-25~ +100
0~ +220
-40~ +120
Oil resistance
Wear resistance

Features of sieve cleaning rubber ball:

Sieve cleaning rubber ball is made from PU or rubber material and modified by special technology, the rubber sieve ball has the superior features as wear-resistance, anti-impact, and anti-aging, which reaches the international standard.

Application of rubber sieve ball:

1. Rubber sieve ball Is indispensable for vibrating screen,It is beating when the vibrating screen working,the bounce ball beating the screen time and again, then it can clean the screening efficiently,the natural bounce ball suitable for screening process.

2. Sieve cleaning rubber ball has excellent elasticity and excellent abrasion resistant,mainly used to the food ,medicine shaking or vibrating screening.

3. Rubber sieve ball for vibrating screen installing in the vibrating screen machine,it will improve the sieving effect.
We always take the demand of customer to the first place.

Sieve cleaning rubber ball picture:

Application of rubber sieve balls pictures:

Rubber sieve ball enquiries parameters: material, size, hardness, color, tolerance,temperature, working environment, purchase quantity, etc.

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Customers please note: (1). Please indicate: the capacity and type of the machinery that you need when you inquiry.

(2). We will reply to you within 12 hours. (3). Welcome your inquiry.

(4). Please make sure the information you filled is accurate.

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