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Flour Purifier, Beyase Flour Purifier

Product name:Flour Purifier, Beyase Flour Purifier

Product Name:Flour Purifier, Beyase Flour Purifier

Flour purifier is used for the precise classification of middle material to improve the quality of the finished product.This machine is smoothness of operation,convenient in maintance,low noise,no dust overflow.

Principle of flour purifier:

Flour purifier is designed for separating pure endosperm granular from its mixture. It comprises two independent sieve-decks, each with three ranges of double superimposed sieves. The two sieve-decks are supported by four rubber spring bushes on a steel frame and vibrated by two vibration motor which installed at the end of the machine. Independent aspiration is connected on the top of the machine. The mixture flows into sieve decks and is classified by the interaction of vibration and suction while it’s flowing to the end of the machine. The materials then are separated to pure endosperm semolina, endosperm with barn fraction, pure bran fraction and then are sent to different next passage.

Features of flour purifier:

1. It can classify and purify wheet dreg,coarse middling,fine semolina and meal in different quality,different size by making use of coaction of sifting and airflow,in order to remove the bran and improve quality and ratio of flour.

2. The machine is applied in the purification and grading of semolina and fine semolina in common wheat, durum wheat and maize flour milling machine.

3. High capacity, economy, dependability and perfect design are the outstanding feature.

Application of flour purifier:

1. Widely applied in modern flour mills for high quality flour.

2. Successfully used for semolina flour in durum flour mills.

Main technical parameter:

Item Type
Coarse residues1.4-2.8
Fine residues 0.6-1.4
Coarse residues1.4-2.8 Fine residues0.6-1.4
Coarse residues1.6-3.2 Fine residues1.0-1.6
Airflow (m3/min)
dimensions (mm)

Flour pruifier Picture:

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