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Cotton Sifter Cleaners,Plan Sifter Cleaner

Product name:Cotton Sifter Cleaners,Plan Sifter Cleaner

Product Name: Cotton Sifter Cleaners,Plan Sifter Cleaner

Flour milling machine have used this product in their high square screening machinery. Our plan sifter cleaner or cotton sieve cleaners are used for cleaning application. The right choice of sieve cleaner is essential for good shifting performance. These plan sifter cotton pads are basically used in flour mills, for cleaning purposes.The cotton type reduce the damage of the sieve and can prolong its life span. It is installed between the screen surface and steel mesh, doing regular movement under the screen surface.

Advantage of cotton sifter cleaners:

This cotton sifter cleaners has the heat-resisting, wear-resisting, not line, do not damage mesh sieve, and the advantages of good elasticity,it is used for wheat flour mill square plansifter to  stop the flour jamps mesh.

Aplication of plan sifter cleaners:

Plan sifter is a nest of sieves mounted together so that material being sieved is divided into a number of fractions of different size. They are widely used in grain milling industries namely rice mills, flour mills and other food processing machineries.

Main parameters of sifter cleaners:


Cotton content
Sifter cleaner
Metal slider
70-100% as requires

Show smoe pictures about sifter cleaners:
We supply cotton sifter/sieve cleaners for flour milling plansfiter with good quality,and we could do as customer's demand.

We also supply Triangle polyurethane cleaning block ,pushing block ,so if you have any requirement about flour mill and its accessories ,pls contatct us.

Beyase Machinery is speciallized in Wheat and Maize Flour Milling Machine and the related spare parts, such as  polyester-cotton sieve cleaner, pipelines, air lock, winnowing pan, and other parts involved in flour milling machinery.

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