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20T Truck Scale,Weightbridge

Product name:20T Truck Scale,Weightbridge

Product Name: 20T Truck Scale,Weightbridge

SCS series electronic truck scale uses frame structure and welded by shaped steel, it has high overall rigidity and strong torsion resistant performance, and truck scale can form weighing system together with bridge type load cell with high accuracy and weighing indicator with excellent performance.

Features of truck scale:

1.12mm steel plate, strong and durable.

2. U steel beam, firm and durable.

3. AC/DC power supply, AC: 220-240V/100-130V, DC: rechargeable battery of 6V4AH.

4. Red LED dispay, clear and bright.

5.15 keys: truck no. / 1, preset atre / 2, store tare / 3, tare, input, cargo no. / 4, time / 5, date / 6, unction / 0, weigh, print set / 7, accumulate print / 8, add print / 9, print, zero.

6. Auto zero tracking, auto power saving mode, low power alarm and overload alarm.

7. With 1000 truck ID memory, 201cargo ID memory and 1001 weight results memory.

8. With printer, computer interface and digital clock.

Our service:

1. Warranty period: 1 year (battery is not guaranteed).

2. Goods come with spare parts.

3. OEM is accepted, packaging can be customized.

4. We can drop ship to any seaport of the world, we can drop plane to any airport of the world, we can arrange express to any place of the world.

Main technical parameters of truck scale:

Max weighing capacity
Division value
Sensor capacity
Platform size: W× L
2×4m, 3× 7m

Photos of truck scale:

Our truck scale factory:

Online inquriry

Customers please note: (1). Please indicate: the capacity and type of the machinery that you need when you inquiry.

(2). We will reply to you within 12 hours. (3). Welcome your inquiry.

(4). Please make sure the information you filled is accurate.

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