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150T Weight bridge,Electronic Weight Bridge

Product name:150T Weight bridge,Electronic Weight Bridge

Product Name: 150T Weight bridge,Electronic Weight Bridge

SCS series electronic weight bridege is a new generation of weight bridge which depends on today's domestic weight bridge advantage. It's gradually developed by our own technology and long period of overloading tests.

The main field of application of electronic truck scale is widely used in ports, warehousing, factories, freight yard, and its superior performance and long-term stability, reliability, not only increase import and export goods trade settlement efficiency of the industrial and mining enterprises , but also apply in-depth to monitor the production process and comprehensive enterprise data management system to meet the requirements of modern weighing management. It has strong networking capabilities, to meet the requirements of the customer's network.

Structure Functions and Features:

1. Modularization, standardization, serialization platform balance, multi-unit combination
2. Automatic reset force transmission system
3. Can be matched with various indicators
4. Digital display gross weight, net weight, tare
5. Dynamic, under load and overload, etc state display
6. Digital filtering, clear tare automatically
7. Subtract tare and clear tare automatically
8. Keyboard set/calibration
9. Vehicle No., tare storage, subitem accumulation, total accumulation
10. Data output/print automatically

Standard configuration of 150 Tons Truck Weight Bridge:

weighing platform, high accuracy weighing load cell and weighing indicator. Printer, scoreboard and computer management system are optional so as to complete the requirements of data management and transmission on the higher level.

Main technical parameters of weight bridge:

Max weighing capacity
Division value
Sensor capacity
Platform size: W× L

Processing of electronic weight bridge:

Accessory of weight bridge:

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